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Networking often feels challenging to researchers – it can be difficult to know where to start. For researchers faced with the difficulties inherent in an (internationally) mobile job market, networking can be a bridge to personal success and resilience in the workplace. Understanding the professional and personal benefits of a strong network and learning how to build and maintain that network can help researchers connect and foster relationships with their peers, navigate the stress of academia, and achieve career success, particularly for researchers who enter academia without a strong personal academic network. 

In this workshop, participants will get to know their peers and learn how to apply networking skills to build resilience, learn from others, provide valuable support to their peers, expand opportunities for collaboration and career growth, and establish stronger ties to their current location. Participants will have the opportunity to participate in moderated networking activities and will learn creative methods for cultivating professional relationships. 

  • Why is networking so valuable? What role does it play in academia, and what benefits does it have for me as an early career researcher? 
  • How can we start conversations with peers and quickly build a lasting network relationship? What kinds of questions or conversations spark a connection? (And - how can I engage/connect even if I find typical networking events challenging?) 
  • How can we build sustainable networks that support our work/ourselves beyond this event? What can we do right now to make this happen?
  • How do I approach online networking? What’s the most effective strategy for online networking platforms? Which platforms should I be using? 
  • How do I align my personal goals and values with “self-marketing”? What can I do to help motivate myself and to overcome potentially negative connotations that I’ve associated with networking? 
  • How can strong peer connections and effective networking with other students and early career researchers support mental health in academia? 

About the trainer: 

Amanda Wichert has been working in adult and continuing education since 2003, and has worked with corporate clients, universities, research institutions, and non-profits in the US and in Germany. A native of North Carolina and a graduate of Appalachian State University, she spent several years working with international students as well as refugee and migrant populations in the US before relocating to Berlin in 2008. Since her move, Amanda has worked primarily as a trainer, instructor, consultant, and coach, and co-founded WITOS Berlin with her partners Myriam Rubert and Corinna Honsu in 2015. She enjoys working with small groups as well as large audiences, and has extensive experience with digital training, hybrid and asynchronous learning, and designing interactive self-led online training. She is an enthusiastic and engaged instructor and relies on interactive and participant-focused methods in her trainings. Amanda offers training and coaching in English and in German. 


When? 24.6.2024 9am-3 pm

Who? Target group: international PhD students and postdocs 

Where? BIH Spreepalais, Anna-Louisa-Karsch-Str. 2, 10178 Berlin 

Registration: please register via mail to equal.opportunity@bih-charite.de

Please note, that this workshops is organized together with another workshop on Academia, Industry, and Beyond (for International Researchers): Career Options, Career Paths, 23.5.2024 and we invite you to attend both. (LINK)