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Concerned about the reproducibility and transparency of research? Interested in learning more about meta-research, or the science of science? Looking for hands-on experience? Excited to work with other early career researchers across disciplines?

Apply for the Meta-Science Summer School to learn more about meta-research by working collaboratively in a small team to design a meta-research study. After the summer school, some groups may decide to continue working with their instructors to complete and publish their study. The Meta-Science Summer School is organized in cooperation between the Berlin Institute of Health (BIH), the German Reproducibility Network (GRN) and the META REP Priority Program.

What is meta-research?

Meta-research, or science of science, is an extremely broad field and includes the detection of common problems in designing, conducting, analysing and reporting scientific studies. This can help us identify and implement targeted solutions to improve scientific research practices.Other topics, such as journal guidelines and funding agency policies, or hiring and promotion practices, can have an influence on these practices as well.

Please note: This summer school is not focusing on meta-analysis. Meta-analysis refers to the process of systematically identifying all studies that address a particular research question (systematic review). While meta-research uses similar techniques, there are clear differences to systematic reviews.


Rather than focusing on a few pre-selected topics during the summer school, instructors will support participants in developing meta-reseach study proposals that are relevant to their own work and will provide value to the research community. An international group of experienced meta-researchers will work closely with each group to develop a study proposal.




The Summer School is free to attend. A limited amount of travel funding is available to cover transportation costs from participants’ location to the venue. Please indicate whether you would like to apply for travel funding in your application.


Students will receive a certificate after completing the summer school. BIH and Charité graduate students can obtain 1.5 ECTS for completing the summer school and preparatory work. As the preparatory work includes watching videos from the Meta-research Methods webinar series (https://www.bihealth.org/en/notices/meta-research-methods-a-webinar-series), students who participate in the summer school can not receive additional ECTS credit for attending the webinar series.

Scientific coordination and organisation

  • Dr. Tracey Weissgerber – BIH QUEST Center
  • Maximilian Frank, M.Sc. – LMU Munich, META-REP Priority Program


Interested in attending? Submit a brief application. Prior meta-research experience is not required. If you have an idea for a meta-research study that you might like to propose during the summer school, include this in your application. Remember that participants will come from many different fields; hence, projects that apply to many disciplines may resonate more with other participants than field-specific projects.

Current news: application deadline is closed.

Evaluating applications:


Dates: Monday, August 28th - Friday, September 1st

Summer School language: English

Venue: TaunusTagungsHotel (close to Frankfurt am Main), Lochmühlenweg 3, 61381 Friedrichsdorf, https://www.taunustagungshotel.de.

Number of participants: 29

Contact: In case of questions or inquiries, please contact

Application: Application deadline is closed.

Funded by Volkswagen Foundation

Organizational support

Tracey Weissgerber, PhD

AG Leiterin

ORCID | Interessenskonflikte

Telefon:+49 30 450 543 009