SPARK Educational Forum: Intellectual Property

Dr. Ute Kilger, Boehmert & Boehmert

Dr. Klaus-Peter Döpfer, Europen Patent Office

Intellectual property rights is an essential requirement for claiming and defending the core of a business. It can prevent others from doing the same thing and allows companies to run their business with competitors in check. The world of business, and pharma in particular, is largely built around the concepts of protecting your products from being jeopardized by other market players and thus securing your revenues by preventing others from copying what you have to offer.

What does this have to do with “our business” in academia?

Academias’ currency and strength are scientific discoveries with potential to become real products in the market place. Such kind of discoveries need to be protected in order to retain their value, either for a future start-up or to attract industry to take them up and integrate them into their own business. Securing intellectual property is a major milestone for translational projects seeking cooperation partners to bring their innovations to the market. In this Educational Forum we will discuss the concept of intellectual property and patents with Ute Kilger, patent lawyer at Boehmert&Boehmert, and Klaus-Peter Döpfer, Director of Biotechnology at the European Patent Office (EPO). In an interactive part, the two of them will outline for us, when the data submitted to the authorities are considered sufficient and when they are not. This will help us understand, from an inside perspective, how the European patent office works. We are looking forward to an interactive evening that will highlight important facets of intellectual property as one of the cornerstones for academic inventions.