Ausschreibung (in English): BIH Gender Equality Fund

Promoting equal opportunity and achieving equal participation for women and men are among BIH’s strategic goals and provide an important basis for excellent research. Despite the high percentage of female students, women remain underrepresented in certain academic fields (notably medicine), in scientific research, and in professorships. BIH seeks to remedy this situation by supporting the career paths of female scientists and clinicians. Each year, a call for applications is issued for the BIH Gender Equality Fund in order to promote the research activities of female scientists and clinicians and further improve their career-relevant qualifications.

The following types of measures can be financed through the Fund:

  • Contribution to the costs of hiring student assistants (max. 5,000 euros)
  • Contribution to the costs of active conference participation (max. 1,500 euros)
  • Contribution to the costs of individual career coaching or other training to improve your qualifications (max. 1,500 euros)
  • Contribution to the costs of open access publication fees (max. 2,000 euros)

Funding is limited to a maximum of 5,000 euros per person and per calendar year.


Eligible applicants are early-career and mid-career women scientists (doctoral students, PhDs, junior clinical scientists, clinical scientists, post-docs, junior professors, junior group leaders) and clinicians working within the BIH translational research commons who are pursuing translational research projects in line with the BIH strategy.

Applications for the measures:

  • hiring student assistants,
  • active conference participation, and
  • individual career coaching or training to improve your qualifications

can be submitted until July 14 at 3pm (for funding from August to December 2017). For funding in 2018 there will be another call later this year.

The final selection is made by the Charité’s Commission on the Advancement of Women (KoFF), in consultation with MDC’s women’s representative, a female scientist at MDC and BIH’s Equal Opportunity Officer. If you are selected to receive funding, the costs cannot be reimbursed until supporting documentation of the actual expenses has been provided (receipts, tickets, or similar documents). Student assistants must be employed by the respective institution.

Applications for funding to cover the costs of open access publication fees can be submitted at any time after the article has been accepted for publication. Please note that the costs for the publication may not exceed 2,000 euros incl. VAT.[1]

The following rules apply to applications for funding to cover open access publication fees:

  • The article has already been accepted by the publisher.
  • You are the first or last author of a publication with direct BIH affiliation.
  • You are a BIH, Charité or MDC employee.
  • The journal in which you have published is listed in the Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ) and is not a so-called hybrid journal.
  • Your article is licensed under a Creative Commons license and may be used without restrictions.

The publisher’s invoice has to be addressed to the BIH and will be paid directly by BIH.

How to apply

Please submit your application via the BIH portal https://portal.bihealth.de/portal/SitePages/Portal.aspx and upload all required documents until July 14, 2017 at 3 pm.

You will need to provide the following documents:

·       A motivation statement in which you substantiate the need for the requested measure. It should be clear how the requested measure will support your research or your career advancement.

·       A synopsis of the translational research project specifying its relevance for BIH’s priority research areas.

·       A description of the requested measure including an outline of the full costs as well as the time plan, documentation of active participation, information about the coaching/training, or the confirmation of acceptance for the open access publication.

·       Your academic curriculum vitae including the most relevant publications

[1] This corresponds to the criteria of the Open-Access Publishing Programme of the German Research Foundation (DFG). This funding line makes available 8,000 euros per calendar year.