Translational Vascular Biomedicine –
Kick-Off Workshop

Translational Vascular Biomedicine is a highly relevant research topic with inherent interdisciplinarity and cross-organ and systems-medical relevance. Endothelial dysfunction appears to be at the basis of multiple diseases of different organs leading to heart attacks, stroke and cancer metastasis, among others. Guided by the integrative nature, vascular research benefits from and nourishes research activities in neuroscience, cardiovascular, renal, pulmonary and metabolic research, immunology and cancer.

The BIH & MDC are currently launching a new research focus Translational Vascular Biomedicine that aims to prevent and revert progressive end organ damage in vascular diseases by addressing local and systemic causes and clinical manifestations of vascular dysfunction. It combines interdisciplinary experimental and clinical research on the basis of clinical cohorts, novel humanized disease models and generative computational modelling approaches.

This kick-off workshop aims to grow a community of clinicians and basic researchers from different fields interested in translational vascular biomedicine and will serve to

  • discuss and define central questions of translational vascular biomedicine
  • point out relevant diseases and unmet clinical needs
  • develop ideas for the implementation of a translational pipeline
  • identify technological or structural obstacles in translation and develop solutions
  • pitch project ideas

Please register until October 31, including a short abstract that answers following questions: What unmet clinical need do you consider as most important in vascular biomedicine? What do you propose to approach this problem? What expertise could be beneficial for this project but seems to be missing in Berlin?