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The steering committee of the Translation Hub Multi-Omics is pleased to announce a call to the community to provide ideas and use cases for the implementation of new technologies into the BIH Multi-Omics Core Facilities. At the online event on 16 February 2022, the BIH Multi-Omics Core Facility leaders will pitch new technologies that meet open demands of the community and will fill technical gaps in the translational research pipeline. Scientists, clinicians and clinician scientists from BIH, Charité – Universitätsmedizin Berlin and Max Delbrück Center for Molecular Medicine (MDC) are invited to discuss and develop ideas for technology development in the BIH Multi-Omics Core Facilities with the respective core facility heads.

The Lecture will be held online via GoToMeeting. To participate in the Lecture, please register here. The registration will be open until maximal participant capacity is reached.

Flow and Mass Cytometry: Dr. Désirée Kunkel


  • Cell sorting
  • Instrument training
  • Mass cytometry sample acquisition
  • Imaging mass cytometry sample acquisition
  • Support with data analysis (imaging mass cytometry)
  • Antibody labeling with metal isotopes for mass cytometry


  • Cell sorters (AriaII SORP, Aurora CS Full Spectrum Sorter, AriaFusion)
  • Analytic flow cytometers (LSRII SORP, Symphony A3, Aurora spectral analyser, CantoII)
  • Mass cytometer (Helios)
  • Imaging mass cytometer (Hyperion)
  • TMArrayer
  • Data analysis tools

BIH Flow & Mass Cytometry Core Facility

Genomics: Dr. Thomas Conrad / Dr. Janine Altmüller


  • Genomics consultancy service
  • (Automated) library preparation with a large portfolio of genomic, transcriptomic and epigenetic applications
  • Short & long-read sequencing
  • Single-cell omics on various microdroplet and microfluidics systems
  • Liquid biopsy analysis
  • Collaboration in method development projects


  • Experts in genomic science, wizards in sample handling and NGS operations
  • NovaSeq 6000/ Illumina NextSeq 500 /Illumina MiSeq (Illumina)
  • Sequel II (Pacific Biosciences)
  • PrometION (Oxford NanoporeTechnologies)
  • Chromium controller (10x genomics)

Core Unit Genomics

Imaging Mass Spectrometry: Dr. Oliver Klein


  • In-situ determination of tissue derived molecular classifiers (proteins, glycan, metabolites) for the predication of treatment efficacy, recurrent risk, molecular subtypes and patient stratification using mass spectrometry (MS) imaging
  • Co-registration of MALDI imaging and corresponding histological (chemical Staining) image data
  • Proteomic characterization of therapeutic biomaterials highly standardized mass spectrometry technologies


  • ESI-QTOF high resolution MS with nanoHPLC
  • MALDI TOF Tissue Typer Cryostat Microtome
  • Whole section scanner

Imaging Mass Spectrometry Unit

Metabolomics: Dr. Jennifer Kirwan


  • Full metabolomics consultancy service
  • Biobanking and experimental design for metabolomics
  • Targeted lipidomics analysis
  • Targeted analyses of tryptophan pathway metabolites, SCFA, central carbon metabolites and Biocrates analyses
  • Untargeted and other analyses available on request


  • Leco Pegasus BT-GC-TOF mass spectrometer
  • Thermo Quantiva with Agilent 1290 2D LC system
  • Thermo Q-Exactive (based on Orbitrap technology)
  • Sciex 5500
  • Coming soon: Thermal desorption for breath and volatiles analyses

Core Unit Metabolomics

Proteomics: Dr. Philipp Mertins


  • Global proteome and post-translational modification profiling of cells, tissues (fresh frozen or FFPE) and body fluids (blood, urine, etc.)
  • Targeted LC-MS/MS assays for highest accuracy and target verification
  • Spatial proteomics, thermal proteome profiling, protein interactions
  • Automated high throughput sample preparation
  • Olink Target 96 assays (in preparation)
  • Data processing, quality control, bioinformatic analyses and data interpretation


  • Orbitrap Exploris 480 mass spectrometer
  • Q Exactive HF-X mass spectrometer
  • Q Exactive Plus mass spectrometer
  • Orbitrap Fusion Tribrid mass spectrometer
  • Sample processing robots: Agilent AssayMAP Bravo
  • Software: MaxQuant, Spectrum Mill, Spectronaut, R studio & shiny applications

BIH Core Unit Proteomics


The Lecture will be held online via GoToMeeting. To participate in the Lecture, please register here. The registration will be open until maximal participant capacity is reached.



Wednesday, 16 February 2022
2:00 – 3:30 pm (Berlin, CET)

via GoToMeeting
A login-link or dial-in number for the phone as well as an access code for the pitch session will be provided the evening before the event.

Please register here
The registration will be open until maximal participant capacity is reached.


PD Dr. Mareen Matz

Projektmanagerin Nationale Strategie für gen- und zellbasierte Therapien, Forschungskoordinatorin