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Event Highlights


  • Webinar Digitale Medizin

    The Virtual Brain in Clinical Research: An Introduction

    This virtual course series provides basic knowledge on personalized brain network modeling for state-of-the-art clinical research. Required interdisciplinary methods will be introduced.

  • Webinar QUEST Center

    Meta-research methods – A webinar series

    This "meta-research methods" webinar series is open to everyone interested in this topic, irrespective of career stage or level of experience in meta-research. (Kurssprache: Englisch)

  • Webinar QUEST Center

    The Impact of Diversity on Research Quality: Exploring the Knowledge Gap

    Greater biodiversity enhances stability and robustness in ecosystems, species, and individuals. However, despite numerous programs and statements advocating for increased diversity, equity, and inclusion in academia, empirical data on the effects of diversity on research quality remain limited. This virtual brainstorm will explore the impact of…

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