Training Activities

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BIH Biomedical Innovation Academy offers several types of training for associated early career researchers. 

For doctoral students funded through BIH: a core training series.

For members of the Clinical Scientist Program: a dedicated curriculum.

Nearly all offers are open to any Academy associated researcher, however, priority may be given to a particular target group. Please let us know in advance if you would like to participate in an offer and you are not a member of the relevant target group.

Additional training offers are also available via BIH Core Facilities, the BIH Clinical Research Unit and the BIH Equal Opportunities Unit. Training in the area of technology transfer is offered via both the technology transfer offices of MDC and Charité with support from BIH and via the BIH SPARK Program. Please see the schedule for full details of all opportunities.

In addition to BIH organised training, early career researchers associated to BIH Biomedical Innovation Academy may also participate in the professional development courses offered through the Dahlem Research School, the Humboldt Graduate School, and make use of a free 2 hour statistical counselling (website only in German) session at Charité Campus Benjamin Franklin.

Please feel free to provide feedback to us at, if you feel that important training aspects are missing.