Digital Election of the Steering Committee: BIH Platform/Tranlsation Hub Clinical Translational Sciences

Nearing one year of successful Platform/Hub activities, the BIH invites all Platform/Hub members to participate in the first online election of the Platforms’/Hubs’ Steering Committees. The voting period is June 2 – 14, 2020.

The members of the steering committees contribute their respective expertise to represent the scientific communities in all matters concerning the implementation and development of innovative technologies, methods and research structures within the Platforms/Hubs.

The new steering committees will be comprised of seven members each. Additionally, it is aspired to access the vast expertise provided by all Platform/Hub members whenever necessary. Steering committee members are elected by majority vote of the Platform/Hub members for a two-year term. The steering committees should have an adequate seniority distribution and comprise representatives of all relevant Platform/Hub topics and stakeholders. As part of its mission to realize equal opportunity, the BIH particularly encourages the representation of women in BIH committees as we aim to reach a share of 40% women in committees.

All members of the respective Platforms/Hubs have received an invitation via e-mail for taking part in the online election. If you are a member of several Platforms/Hubs, please make sure that you cast your vote for all of them.

The nominees of the Platform/Hub Clinical Translational Science are listed below. Please click on the names of the nominees to see the (audio) presentations in which they outline their ideas and plans for the future development of the Platform/Hub.

Additionally, we would like to give all members the possibility for feedback and questions to the nominees. Therefore, you can register to the Slack channel below to address specific questions to the respective candidates.

Nominees for the Steering Committee of the Platform/Translation Hub Clinical Translational Science

You can find a summary of the Platform’s/Hub’s goals here and an overview of the steering committee’s tasks here. The Steering Committee will be comprised of seven members (six elected, BIH Chair Clinical-Translational Sciences as ex officio member).

Members of the Platform/Hub Clinical Translational Sciences can ask questions to the nominees in a dedicated Slack channel.

Prof. Dr. Stefan Anker


Prof. Dr. Kai-Uwe Eckardt


PD Dr. Uta Höpken


Prof. Dr. Andreas Meisel

BIH, Charité

PD Dr. Sebastian Ochsenreither


Prof. Dr. Gabriele Pecher


Prof. Dr. Oliver Peters


Prof. Dr. Petra Reinke


Prof. Dr. Birgit Sawitzki


Prof. Dr. Elke Schäffner


PD Dr. Boris Schmitt