BIH / MDC Genomics Platforms

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Over the past decade, Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) technologies have revolutionized biomedical research. The BIH / MDC Genomics Platforms offer professional NGS support for BIH users.

Single-Cell Technologies Unit (Dr. Thomas Conrad)

The Single Cell Technologies unit provides access to an exceptionally wide range of cutting-edge single cell multi-omics approaches. To facilitate easy access for a broad user community, we provide close support from experimental design to sample preparation and data processing. In addition to regular services, we offer individual user training to enable independent access to our advanced instruments. Single cell technologies are rapidly evolving; we therefore continuously implement novel approaches in the context of collaborative research projects.

Available services and technologies include:

  • Counseling on study design
  • Counseling on sample preparation
  • FACS
  • Droplet-based approaches (10X Genomics; Dolomite)
  • Plate-based assays (Smart-Seq2; G&T-Seq; scBS+T-Seq)
  • Nanowell-based assays (Takara ICell8)
  • Spatial transcriptomics (10X Genomics Visium)
  • Primary data processing & QC
  • Bioinformatics support (for in-depth analyses, please also contact the BIH and MDC bioinformatics platforms)

Next Generation Sequencing Unit (Dr. Tatiana Borodina)

The NGS Unit operates an impressive equipment park for sequencing and library preparation. We process more than 300 small- and large-scale service projects a year, for a diverse range of applications. The group has a profound experience in NGS-related technology development, implementation of novel protocols and library preparation automation.  

Available services and technologies include:

  • Consultations on NGS-related questions;
  • Support in experimental design of NGS projects;
  • QC for DNA and RNA samples and sequencing libraries;
  • Library preparation from bulk material for diverse -Seq applications (RNA, WGS, WES, ChiP, etc.) for Illumina, PacBio and Oxford Nanopore sequencing technologies;
  • Short-read sequencing on Illumina instruments: iSeq, MiniSeq, NextSeq 500, HiSeq 4000, NovaSeq 6000 instruments;
  • Long-read sequencing on Pacific Biosciences Sequel machine;
  • Long-read sequencing on Oxford Nanopore MinION and PromethION platforms.
  • Primary data processing & QC

BIH Core Facility (Dr. Tomasz Zemojtel)

Since April 2017 the bioinformatician Tomasz Zemojtel is working at the Berlin Insitute of Health, where he will establish the second core facility genomics. We talked with him about his work and future plans.

Please find more information about his core facility here.

BIH Genomics Core Facility offers liquid biopsy service
Liquid biopsy holds the promise for cancer patient stratification, prediction of treatment response and cancer resistance with the goal of changing the clinical focus to tailored treatments. The BIH genomics platform offers as one of the first institutions worldwide a novel non-invasive liquid biopsy assay based on the detection of circulating tumor DNA (ctDNA) representing the genetic profile of tumors combined with the power of next generation sequencing. The AVENIO ctDNA analysis kits will be used for identifying guideline-related biomarkers, emerging biomarkers identified in clinical studies, and to longitudinally monitor tumor burden for different malignancies. Future applications will include screenings leading to early cancer detection.




Dr. Tatiana Borodina: Next Generation Sequencing

Dr. Tomasz Zemojtel

Dr. Thomas Conrad: Single Cell Technologies

Prof. Heiko Krude: Co-Leiter des Berliner Centrums für Seltene Erkrankungen

Prof. Norbert Hübner: Forschungsgruppe "Genetics and Genomics of Cardiovascular Diseases"

Prof. Angelika Eggert: Direktorin Klinik für Pädiatrie mit Schwerpunkt Onkologie und Hämatologie

Prof. Ana Pombo: Leiterin Forschungsgruppe "Epigenetische Regulation und Chromatinstruktur"

Prof. Michael Hummel: Experimentelle Hämatopathologie, Leiter ZeBanC

Prof. Nikolaus Rajewsky: Direktor BIMSB, Research Group "Systems Biology of Gene Regulatory Elements"

Prof. Ulrich Keilholz: Direktor des Charité Comprehensive Cancer Center; Prof. für Hämatologie und Onkologie