Genomics Day


The BIMSB/BIH Scientific Genomics Platforms invite all interested researchers from the MDC, BIH and Charité to attend this event, in particular to learn more about current sequencing technologies, new trends in the field of single cell genomics, as well as support provided by the Scientific Genomics Platforms. Moreover, a BaseSpace training workshop will be offered to start democratizing sequencing data analysis to researchers without extensive programming skills.

The Genomics Day is well suited for researchers who want to gain knowledge on sequencing applications and who are interested in analyzing their data with Illumina’s cloud based solution. For the hands-on Bioinformatics Workshop, participants are encouraged to bring their own computers. Specific knowledge on NGS data analysis programs is not required in order to participate in this workshop.


Presentations | 9:30 am – 12:15 pm

9:30     Introduction   Sascha Sauer
9:45     Overview on Illumina and Pacific Biosciences Sequencing Technologies   Tatiana Borodina
10:30   Library Preparation Guide, User Requests 
  Tatiana Borodina
11:15   Break
11:30   Scalable Technologies for Single Cell Genomics  
Cornelius Fischer
12:15   End/Lunch Break

No registration required | Open to everyone from MDC, BIH and Charité

Lunchtime Seminar | 1:00 – 2:00 pm

Single Cell Technology Developments for Revealing Epigenetic Mechanisms   Sascha Sauer

No registration required | Open to everyone from MDC, BIH and Charité

Bioinformatics Workshop | 2:00 – 6:00 pm

User-friendly Sequencing Data Analysis Pipelines, Illumina BaseSpace   Illumina representatives

Registration on first come, first served basis | Restricted to 20 participants from MDC, BIH and Charité



Please note that registration is closed. We would be happy to put you on the waiting list. Please e-mail your name, institution and function to