Our ambition is to create a vibrant digital health ecosystem in which life sciences, medicine and digital technologies stimulate each other to create new products and services that deliver substantial benefits to patients and society.

To help achieve this, we offer BIH, Charité and MDC innovators continuously evolving services in the following areas:

  • Meet and Ideate: Fostering the digital health community at BIH, Charité and in the region through events and other activities to stimulate new, ambitious innovation projects
  • Prototype and Build: Mentoring/coaching as part of the BIH Digital Health Accelerator to help build innovative digital health products, services and businesses initiated by BIH and Charité innovators
  • Launch and Grow: Supporting the launch and growth of digital health spin-offs in cooperation with partners

Additionally, we offer the following service to external parties:

  • Match and Connect: Bringing innovative digital health technologies, solutions and partners to the Charité, e.g., through partnerships

Our services are supported by our key partner SPARK-BIH and an expanding, interdisciplinary external network of expert partners that share our vision of a high-functioning digital health ecosystem to benefit patients and society.