BIH and Charité researchers and clinicians receive the following services:

Inventions and Patenting:

  • Information for inventors regarding intellectual assets and intellectual property (IP) as well as regulatory affairs
  • Evaluation of projects regarding potential IP rights and assessment of market potential
  • Support pursuing and managing IP rights

If you have made an invention or just want to check whether your invention contains patentable discoveries or ideas, please fill in the form "invention disclosure".

Commercialization incl. Licensing:

  • Coordination of contacts with external experts, institutions and companies
  • Business development for commercialization of IP, as well as research material and tools
  • Coordination of commercialization of IP, research material and tools, and data with external partners, e.g., licensing, including contracting

Start-up formation:

  • Information and support for company founders

External partners in academia and industry are supported through the coordination of commercialization of intellectual property, e.g., licensing

The evaluation and commercialization of intellectual property of BIH and Charité is conducted in collaboration with Ascenion GmbH. Activities in the area of IP and Commercialization are supported by the public funding program ”Wissens- und Technologietransfer durch Patente und Normen, Hochschulförderung und Patentierung” (WIPANO).