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The Berlin Longterm Observation of Vascular Events Study (BeLOVE) is an observational clinical cohort study of patients with existing cardiovascular disease (including acute coronary syndrome, stroke, heart failure, acute kidney injury), or type 2 diabetes, who have a very high risk of future cardiovascular events.

The global aim of BeLOVE is to improve short- and long-term prediction and mechanistic understanding of cardiovascular disease progression and outcomes in these very high risk patients, both in the acute as well as in the chronic phase, in order to provide the basis for improved, individualized management. BeLOVE will allow the identification of disease-overarching mechanisms, e.g. contribution of gut microbiome, immune system, metabolic factors, stress, vascular function, (epi)genetic factors.

BeLOVE aims to recruit a total of 10,000 patients.

BeLOVE is conducted based on a basis of broad participation of basic and clinician scientists as well as clinical epidemiologists from BIH, Charité, and MDC.  

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