Open personal data – guidance on an apparent contradiction

Calls for open data abound. To make data available, online and for free, for everyone to reuse and redistribute, is an appeal commonly heard. National and international political bodies see open data as a prerequisite for a data-driven digital economy, as well as for transparency. This is...


The wild west of data sharing

by Evgeny Bobrov

It’s 2078. A PhD student is preparing an abstract for a conference on research integrity. She works on the detection of viruses, which crawl scientific data and introduce errors, a practice known as crawltoxing. Nobody seems to know where these viruses come from, but some blame...


Could a simple slogan hold the key to fixing much of what ails biomedical research?

by Mark Yarborough

As a philosopher who studies ethical issues in biomedical research, I’ve been struck by how little traction the many thoughtful remedies addressing quality concerns in biomedical research have gained. The reason I have taken note of this has to do with my main scholarly interest,...



A reading list if you want to get started with meta research featured by eLife:


The German DEAL consortium has signed its first agreement with the publisher Wiley on Open Access publishing. A new kind of...



The value of confirmatory research and the need for exploration in research: Ulrich Dirnagl on Rethinking research reproducibility. 

F1000 offers a new gateway (=collection) for all types of publications related to science policy and “science on science”. This includes reviewed publications and...