The wild west of data sharing

by Evgeny Bobrov

It’s 2078. A PhD student is preparing an abstract for a conference on research integrity. She works on the detection of viruses, which crawl scientific data and introduce errors, a practice known as crawltoxing. Nobody seems to know where these viruses come from, but some blame...


Could a simple slogan hold the key to fixing much of what ails biomedical research?

by Mark Yarborough

As a philosopher who studies ethical issues in biomedical research, I’ve been struck by how little traction the many thoughtful remedies addressing quality concerns in biomedical research have gained. The reason I have taken note of this has to do with my main scholarly interest,...



A reading list if you want to get started with meta research featured by eLife:


The German DEAL consortium has signed its first agreement with the publisher Wiley on Open Access publishing. A new kind of...



The value of confirmatory research and the need for exploration in research: Ulrich Dirnagl on Rethinking research reproducibility. 

F1000 offers a new gateway (=collection) for all types of publications related to science policy and “science on science”. This includes reviewed publications and...


Planes that Don’t Land, ESP, and Bad Science

In 1987, I was a psychology postdoc hoping for a university tenure-track position in a tough job market. Publishing in prestigious journals was then, as it is now, the way to advance in academia. So I was really happy to see published that same year a book chapter by Daryl Bem, a world-famous...