The PREMIER Toolbox


LabCIRS is a simple and effective method to enhance the quality of basic and preclinical academic research: critical incident reporting (CIR). CIR has become a standard in clinical medicine but it is not implemented in the context of academic basic research. LabCIRS is a simple, free, open-source software tool for implementing a CIR system in research groups, laboratories, or large institutions.

LabCIRS was developed, tested, and implemented in a multidisciplinary and multiprofessional Research Department at the Charité. Its use has led to the emergence of a mature error culture, and it has made the laboratory a safer and more communicative environment. 

The publication in PLoS can be found here.

Electronic Lab Notebook

Management of laboratory books in either paper or electronic form is a basic principle of Good Scientific Practice (GSP).

The ELN complies with the GSP standards. The ELN ensures traceability and repeatability of experiments as well as reliability of the findings and conclusions. It serves as proof of adherence to the standards of GSP, which requires an exact recording and documentation of the procedures and results.
A related publication can be found here.

A free version for creation and access to an own account can be tested here:

Open Access

The aim of Open Access is to ensure that the full version of the publications in scientific journals or books of the original work is accessible free of charge and for an unlimited period of time to all interested readers since the moment of the initial publication.

A practical guide for all scientists on how to approach Open Access is available here.

Open Data

Open Data in scientific research means reliable access to the underlying original data for each interested person and in the sense of maximum transparency, quality assurance of possible reproducibility and cost savings through possible secondary analyzes. The provision of raw data for subsequent use is to be carried out promptly and completely. Anyone may use, share or modify the disclosed data for any purpose. Anyone is free to use a repository of choice for Open Data.