Open Access Journal positive list

This ‘Open Access Journal positive list’ comprises international biomedical open access journals that obey certain quality standards. All journals are listed by the Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ) and Pubmed Central (PMC). DOAJ ensures high quality standards for journals; individual journals have to apply at DOAJ and are checked against a list of quality criteria. PMC stores the full-text version of open access articles and increases the visibility of research in that way. Only journals that are assigned to the DOAJ subject categories ‘Medicine’ or ‘Biology’ and that have English or German as full-text language are included.

The list contains the following columns:

  • Journal title
  • the publicly available SCImago Journal Rank + quartiles (with respect to the corresponding Scopus subject categories)
  • the article processing charges (APCs) and currency (as mentioned in DOAJ)
  • APCs converted to EUR and a column checking if the APC is below 2000€ (relevant threshold for most open access funding, e.g. by the DFG)*
  • average number of weeks between submission and publication (also from DOAJ)
  • subject categories 1/2: the most specific subject categories given by DOAJ
  • Journal license: most open access journals are licensed under one of the creative commons licenses (more information)
  • further Journal information: Journal URL, Publisher, pISSN, eISSN

*Due to either outdated APC information, variations in the currency exchange rates or due to differences in taxing for journals from different countries this information might be inaccurate. Before deciding on a journal, please check the journal costs yourself (using the APC info link provided in the next column).