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During the last Translate! meeting we enjoyed the stories told by the experts about their translational experiences in life sciences. This was a fantastic highlight that we wanted to continue featuring in Translate! 2021. Many of you have been successful in translating your research findings into products or have products in development. Some of you have even been able to make these products available to patients. So for Translate! 2021 we re-invented the story-telling aspect in form of the Challenge@Translate! pitch contest and opened up the format to those of you interested in telling their successful translation stories to a wider audience in a 90 second pitch. Out of the three finalists, the winner of the pitch contest was chosen by the virtual audience and announced at the end of Translate! 2021.

The Audience Award for the Best Video Pitch goes to: 

SepsisDataNet.NRW by KAIROS GmbH: Christian Stephan & Team


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