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The BIH Center for Digital Health is the major branch of the Hub for Innovations in Digital Health (HiDiH). In 2018, Roland Eils moved here from the German Cancer Research Center and the University of Heidelberg to found this new center in Germany’s capital. HiDiH’s smaller branch in Heidelberg is the Health Data Science Unit at Heidelberg University hospital. At both sites, HiDiH boosts innovative developments and applications in the life sciences and clinical care. HiDiH is engaged in both national and international outstanding initiatives such as the International Cancer Genome Consortium, the Human Cell Atlas and Germany’s national Medical Informatics Initiative. Despite its relatively recent inception, HiDiH has thus already evolved into one of Germany’s leading hubs in Digital Health.

Research Groups + Projects

  • Research Groups

    HiDiH has had a long-standing interest in systems biology, -omics and big data analysis to gain better understanding into disease mechanisms and fundamental processes in molecular cell biology.

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  • Projects

    HiDiH is involved in various national and international consortia. Currently, we are coordinating the BMBF-funded HiGHmed consortium.

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Education + Publications

  • Education

    We take education and training of young researchers very serious. We offer internships, Bachelor, Master and PhD projects throughout the year.

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Prof. Dr. Roland Eils

Gründungsdirektor des BIH-Zentrums Digitale Gesundheit

Telefon:+49 30 450 543 084