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In addition to hands-on assistance, we also provide infrastructure and equipment necessary for hPSC research. We maintain user lab space, which includes a fully equiped cell culture room (incubators, microscopes, etc.) and several lab benches which can be booked by our users on a daily basis. We also manage numerous equipment and make it available to our users for their hPSC based projects. An overview of the bookable equipment is listed below. Access requests and booking has to be done via openIRIS.

Devices at CUSCO
Device Company
Opera Phenix High Content Imager Perkin Elmer
Cell3iMager duos plate imager Screen
SP8 confocal microscope Leica
Incucyte SX5 live cell imager Sartorius
10x Chromium controller 10x Genomics
TapeStation automated nucleic acid analyser Agilent
Neon Transfection System ThermoFisher
NEPA 21 Electroporator NepaGene
Nucleofector 4D nucleofection system Lonza
Quant6 Studio qPCR machine ThermoFisher
isoCell and isoHub cloning platform Iota Sciences
MACSQuant VYB Flow Cytometer Miltenyi Biotec
MACSQuant Tyto cell sorter Miltenyi Biotec
CryoStar NX70 cryotome ThermoFisher

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