Kardiovaskuläres System

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Cardiovascular diseases are the main cause of death worldwide. Heart failure is a global pandemic and is increasing in prevalence, indicating the need for better treatment options. The research field focuses at finding patient-specific therapy concepts for the treatment of heart failure. With inflammation being an important predictor for a worse outcome in heart failure, we search for novel or repurposed anti-inflammatory and immunomodulatory therapies, including the evaluation of cell-based therapies. Our research is further directed at finding strategies which lead to cardiomyocyte regeneration.With valve disease being one of the causes of heart failure and the degeneration of existing heart valves protheses requiring multiple re-interventions, one arm of our research is focused at developing regenerative heart valves.


  • Stratification of heart failure patients based on phenomapping
  • Identification of patient-specific therapy options (precision medicine)
  • Immunocardiology
  • Development of novel (cell-based) therapies for the treatment of heart failure
  • Development of cardiomyocyte regeneration strategies
  • Development of regenerative heart valves