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BIH Translational Postdoc Grants recruit top-level postdoctoral scientists to work on translational research projects at MDC and/or Charité.

Target group: Postdoctoral scientists with a proven research accomplishment record hosted by interdisciplinary group leader teams from Charité and MDC.

Funding details: Salary for a postdoctoral position for 3 years, as well as 10,000 Euro bench fees per year

Please note

At the moment, BIH Academy is undergoing a process of strategic realignment. Therefore, there will be no further calls for this funding instrument in its current form.

Dr. Iwan Meij, BIH Biomedical Innovation Academy


Dr. Iwan C. Meij

Leitung (komm.) BIH Biomedical Innovation Academy (BIA); Leitung BIA Personal- und Finanzmanagement; Leitung BIH Antrags- und Berichtsportal

Telefon:+49 (0) 30 450 543 022