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Program Overview

Since 2017, the BIH Digital Health Accelerator Program has been supporting employees from research and clinical departments at Charité - Universitätsmedizin Berlin, including Berlin Institute of Health (BIH), in turning their innovative approaches into market and application-ready digital health solutions.

The broad spectrum of disciplines represented, unmet needs addressed, digital technologies used, such as additive manufacturing, artificial intelligence/machine learning, augmented/mixed/virtual reality, robotics, sensors, and software and concrete areas of application ranging from prevention to prediction, diagnostics, therapy, and management to stakeholder empowerment and public health are evidence of the immense innovation potential. As a result, the supported project teams generate innovative Digital Health solutions that benefit patients and our society.

Eligible to apply are all employees of Charité and BIH from clinical, research and administrative departments, independent of their specialties and positions, e.g., clinicians, laboratory staff, midwives, nursing staff, post-docs, social workers, and patient engangement managers. BIH promotes equality and therefore especially encourages members of underrepresented groups to apply. Fundable are in-house projects, as well as collaboration projects with other research or clinical institutions, and the aim of a joint product solution development. Registered companies are not eligible to apply. Please note that DFG-like basic research project are not fundable.

Program Elements:

  • Structured Program for the Development and Launch Preparation of Digital Health Solutions
  • Project Funding: up to 1M EUR (Stage 1 + Stage 2)
  • Protected Time off from Clinical Obligations for Project Work
  • Expert Mentoring by International Subject Matter Experts
  • Access to Innovation Community of Fellow Digital Health Innovators of Charité and BIH
  • Support in Team Completion as Needed
  • Access to Commercialization Partners and Investors (Industry, Venture Capital)
  • Dedicated BIH Digital Labs Co-Working Space in Close Proximity to Charité Campus Mitte


Application Process and Deadlines

There is a three-stage selection process for the BIH Digital Health Accelerator Program 2023 (Stage 1: Prototype):

Step 1: Written Application

  • Complete the application materials (signature page, application form, optional request for Protected Time off from clinic). Note: In cases where the applicant is not the PI, the workgroup leader or cost center owner (Kostenstelleninhaber*in) also needs to sign
  • Submit application materials by the deadline via email to:
  • Application Deadline: Monday, Nov 21, 2022, at 6pm (CET)

Step 2: Project Deep Dive with Interdisciplinary Experts

  • Based on the application documents, selected projects will be invited to a Project Deep Dive in the form of a discussion (no slide presentation) with an interdisciplinary group of experts
  • At least one team member is required to participate
  • Main topics are: Medical need, technology, evidence/data, IP
  • Date (tentative): Nov 29/30, 2022 

Step 3: Pitch Day with External Selection Committee

  • Selected projects will be invited to give a presentation to pitch their projects to a selection committee of external experts and answer questions (Q&A)
  • At least one team member is required to attend
  • Selection criteria include but are not limited to:
    • Team: Profiles and relevant expertise
    • Product: Medical need, innovativeness of the solution, technology, evidence/data, IP situation, project maturity, and development path
    • Market: Competitive situation, impact potential (monetary and non-monetary/societal)
  • Date (tentative): Dec 7/8, 2022

The selection process for DHA Phase 2 of this cohort will take place at the end of DHA Stage 1.

Brochure BIH DHA Demo Day 2022

Program Structure

The BIH Digital Health Accelerator program is structured into two stages.

DHA Phase 1: Prototype (February 2023 - July 2023)

Funded project teams validate the targeted medical and economic need need, and iteratively develop Digital Health prototypes (wireframe, proof-of-technology, proof-of-concept, etc.) from their ideas and concepts. Accompanying analyses and development include technology/data, competition, IP, regulatory and reimbursement, business models, market potential (monetary and non-monetary/societal benefits), and legal aspects.

At the conclusion of the program stage, the teams present their innovations to an interdisciplinary audience of researchers, clinicians, other healthcare system stakeholders and policy makers, industry representatives and investors at a Demo Day.

DHA Phase 2: Product (August 2023 - Project-Specific)

Project teams selected for DHA Stage 2 (Product) develop digital health technologies and solutions and prepare their launch. The goal of this phase is to transfer your solution into healthcare systems, e.g., by licensing, industry collaboration or spin-off company formation.

In the case of an intended start-up formation, the development of strategy, business model and the spin-off company, as well as launch preparation, including preparation for the acquisition of follow-up funding, take place in parallel.

Depending on the progress of a funded development project along a milestone-based project plan, the program concludes successfully in case of transfer to healthcare system or into medical application.

What Program Participants Say

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Überblick ausgewählter BIH-Förderinstrumente zur Unterstützung medizinischer Translation

Zwei der Bereiche des BIH zur Unterstützung der medizinischen Translation sind die BIH Biomedical Innovation Academy (BIA) und Charité BIH Innovation (CBI).

Die BIH Biomedical Innovation Academy (BIA) rückt Nachwuchswissenschaftler*innen in den Fokus und agiert als Think Tank für strategische Personalentwicklung in der Biomedizin und für neue Modelle der akademischen Innovation. Durch frühes Scouting von herausragenden Talenten und zielgruppenspezifische Förderprogramme wird eine neue Generation von translational geschultem klinischen und wissenschaftlichen Nachwuchs hervorgebracht. Die BIA setzt auf Personenförderung mithilfe von fokussierten Förderprogrammen für jede Karrierephase – vom Promotionsstipendium über das (Junior) (Digital) Clinician Scientist Programm bis hin zum Advanced Clinician Scientist Programm.

Charité BIH Innovation unterstützt als Technologietransfer Forscher*innen und Kliniker*innen bei der Entwicklung und dem Transfer von Produkten in die medizinische Anwendung bzw. in den Gesundheitsmarkt, z. B. durch Lizenz oder Unternehmensgründung. Neben Beratung und Begleitung in den Bereichen IP, Patentierung, Lizensierung und Recht bietet Charité BIH Innovation zwei Förderprogramme an. Das Programm SPARK-BIH fördert Projekte im Bereich Therapieentwicklung, Diagnostik und Medizintechnik, z. B. zur Validierung von Forschungsergebnissen mit dem Ziel der Therapie- bzw. Produktentwicklung. Das Programm BIH Digital Health Accelerator fördert Projekte basierend auf digitalen Technologien bei der Entwicklung von marktreifen Lösungen im Bereich Digital Health.

Die Programme der BIA und von CBI sind grundsätzlich kombinierbar, solange eine Doppelförderung ausgeschlossen ist. Eine vorherige Abstimmung mit den jeweiligen Programmleitungen ist hierfür jedoch unbedingt notwendig. Ziel ist es, herausragenden Talenten exzellente Karrierewege in Forschung, Klinik und Entrepreneurship zu eröffnen und medizinische Translation bis in die Anwendung zu ermöglichen


  • Dorothée Marie-Louise Döpfer

    Program Manager Digital Health Accelerator & Community Building

    Telefon:+49 30 450 543 041
  • Tim Huse

    Head of Digital Labs incl. Digital Health Accelerator

    Telefon:+49 30 450 543 036