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Virtual Brainstorming Event “The Impact of Diversity on Research Quality: Exploring the Knowledge Gap”


Special instructions:
If you register for this event, you confirm that you will abide by the Code of Conduct for the symposium.


If you register for the event, you also confirm that you are happy for us to use Zoom for the meeting. Many discussions will also take place via a dedicated Slack channel for all event participants.

Additional questions:


What's your research field?
What's your age group (in years)?
I understand that participants are encouraged to set aside at least 3 hours/day (spread throughout the day) to contribute to online discussions and join open space conversations, and confirm that I plan to actively participate in the discussions. *

We might prepare a paper to share lessons learned from the discussions during the virtual brainstorming event with the scientific community. If we prepare a paper, all participants who actively participated in the unconference and comment on the outline and draft paper will have the opportunity to be listed as co-authors.

I consent to sharing my ideas during this event, with the understanding that they may be included in outputs sharing lessons learned from the event. *

Lightning talks:

Some participants will have the opportunity to give 5-minute lightning talks, which might share past work, current thoughts or personal experiences related to the impact of diversity, equity and inclusion on research quality.

I would be interested in giving a lightning talk.

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