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Sharing of research data is increasingly recognized as an important part of the research process, and can contribute to progress in research and medical care. However, this practice, which is endorsed by funders, journals, and others, has to be balanced with privacy righty when dealing with personal data. This seminar will inform you about possibilities to process and share personal data in a way which allows their reuse while also securing privacy. In addition to already existing solutions for some questions, for others the legal and technical status quo of this highly dynamic field will be presented.

Learning Goals

  • know reasons to share data and examples for reuse
  • know how to handle data protection issues when sharing patient data with collaborators
  • be acquainted with concept of FAIR data
  • know principles of re-identification risk and anonymization, as well as tools for anonymisation
  • know the services and tasks of a data trust office
  • know repositories which share clinical trial data and other relevant repositories and registires
  • be acquainted with types of and structures for restricted access to data, as well as distributed and federated analyses
  • be aware of local expertise and resources


No prerequisites.


For participation in this workshop you can receive a certificate. No ECTS points.


Main lecturerDr. Evgeny Bobrov, Consultant for open data and research data management at the QUEST Center of the Berlin Institute of Health.

He advises on the provision of biomedical data and is an advocate for open data. Previously, he was a brain researcher and then a laboratory manager at the Charité, and so has first-hand knowledge of research practice, including about the obstacles that sometimes hinder data sharing.

Additional lecturers: various lecturers from Charité - Universitätsmedizin Berlin.

Important Information

New dates for this event are currently not scheduled.

During the pandemic the workshop will be held online, via MS TEAMS.

At the moment a registration is not possible.

Dr. Evgeny Bobrov, evgeny.bobrov@bih-charite.de