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Option 1:
Encourage your team to form peer networks. ECR peer networks within a research group or institute can encourage socialization and community building, while welcoming new team members. These groups can also identify problems affecting the ECR community and share possible solutions with the research group or department leadership. You can support ECR peer groups by encouraging group representatives to share problems affecting the ECR community with the leadership team and working with ECRs to resolve these issues.

During our virtual brainstorming event, we prepared a companion fact sheet with resources for ECRs who want to organize peer networks.

Option 2:
Update onboarding procedures: When new ECRs or others join your team, make sure that they have been onboarded in the institute or group. Onboarding should include information relevant to the pandemic. Consider pairing new team members with a “buddy” who helps them navigate their first weeks in the new workplace, city, or even country.

Here is an excellent example of an onboarding document from the Institute for Public Health, including relevant pandemic-related information.