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Transparent clinical research is crucial to the accessibility and usefulness of the underlying clinical work. Clinical trials should be transparent from prior to initiation (i.e., registration) to after study completion (i.e., reporting).

Most universities in the EU are failing to upload all their clinical trial results onto registries, leading to research waste and incomplete outcome reporting.

We encourage participants to search the EU Trials Tracker for their institution’s clinical trial data.

Universities and other non-commercial trial sponsors in Germany and other EU countries are increasingly becoming aware of their obligation to upload the results of clinical trials onto the European trial registry EudraCT. Pressure to do this increases with continued advocacy by campaign groups and new EU Clinical Trial Regulations.

However, universities are often unclear about how to (a) upload the results of (old) trials, and (b) set up systems that ensure timely results posting going forward. This creates a barrier to improved performance.

The QUEST Center has developed a hands-on manual drawing together the experiences and lessons learnt by front-runner universities that have successfully tackled the problem. The manual focuses on steps taken at the institutional level; it does not contain a guide to using EudraCT.

The QUEST Center also organizes events on this topic.

Materials from the Clinical trial reporting workshop (September 26th, 2019) can be found here.

Materials from the Workshop on uploading clinical trial results onto EudraCT (November 9th, 2021) can be found here.

Further useful resources:

Information on our research on clinical trial transparency can be found here.