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To make its initiatives better known, the QUEST Center presents itself in group meetings, jours fixes and other scientific meeting formats. The presentation format is highly flexible, but most often includes a short general introduction to QUEST, followed by a presentation focused on a specific field of activity. Correspondingly, the presentations are held by different team members depending on the focus.


The focus topics are

  1. Electronic lab notebook
  2. Indicators & incentives
  3. Meta-analyses & systematic reviews
  4. Meta-research (research on research)
  5. Open data
  6. Research data management
  7. Reproducibility in preclinical research (with foci on experimental planning, analysis, or software)
  8. Quality assurance

To allow sufficient time, including discussion, 45 minutes or more are ideal, but shorter presentations are of course also possible.

Please contact us if you would like to invite us for a presentation.


QUEST Center