Datenbanken Wissenschaftlerinnen

Um die Repräsentation von Wissenschaftlerinnen auf allen Ebenen zu erhöhen, braucht es neben verschiedenen Aktivitäten zur Sichtbarkeit vor allem Netzwerke und Zugänge, um Wissenschaftlerinnen verschiedener Fachrichtungen zu finden und mehr von ihnen zu erfahren.

Deshalb möchten wir Ihnen an dieser Stelle Datenbanken vorstellen, die zum einen Wissenschaftlerinnen darüber informieren, wo sie sich registrieren können, um national wie international sichtbar zu sein und zum anderen einen einfachen Zugang für Auswahlgremien, Konferenzorganisator*innen u.a. bieten, Wissenschaftlerinnen als Mitarbeiterinnen oder Sprecherinnen zu finden.

Unten stehend finden Sie Datenbanken, sortiert nach Fachrichtungen und mit Schlagwörtern zu Regionen, akademischer Position und speziellen Fokusgruppen. Bitte beachten Sie, dass einige der Datenbanken sehr breit aufgestellt sind, z.B. mit weltweiten Einträgen oder weit gefasster akademischer Position. Andere sind spezifischer mit einem Fokus auf bestimmte Fachbereiche oder Gruppen. Zu jeder Datenbank finden Sie Schlagwörter und eine kurze Beschreibung, die Ihnen die Orientierung erleichtern.


All Disciplines

Academia Net 

#NaturalAndSocialScience #Worldwide #JuniorPositions #Women

AcademiaNet is a powerful tool to search experts in their field in order to fill scientific committees with female scientists, ask female speakers for panels. Each female is nominated, and after passing the strict criteria they will be added to the list. Academia also helps journalists and conferences organizers who are searching for established women experts. It’s focus is mostly on European scientists, as it is supported by network of renowned research organizations such as Swiss National Science Foundation and Spektrum der Wissenschaft. 

DFG geförderte Projekte

#NaturalAndSocialScience #Germany #JuniorPositionsAndAbove 

Online database that include all projects, both current and completed, funded by DFG  (Deutsche Forschungemainschaft). Search is allowed based on projects, people involved in the projects and institutions and further on subject area, research or programme. Project’s subject areas focus on STEM, however there are some humanities projects as well. Each profile, of both researchers and institutions, guides you through sub-groups to detailed pages of project. This database does not separate female and male scientist, they are all grouped together. As DFG is a German based research foundation, descriptions are in german.

European research Council Funded Projects 

#NaturalAndSocialScience #Europa #project repository

European Research Committee allows research to identify new opportunities in three different fields of studies: physics and engineering, life science and social science with humanities using a curiosity-driven approach. By searching through the projects, which can be found on CORDIS(mentioned above), once can find details regarding it. Unfortunately, this project database includes all of the groups, not just discriminated groups. 

European Platform of Women Scientists 

 #STEM #Europa #Women #PortraitsOfWomen

The European Platform of Women Scientists represents the need, concerns, ideas and aspirations of women scientists in Europa in form of a video portrait. 


#NaturalAndSocialScience #Germany-speaking #PhDandPostDoc #women

Biggest recruitment portal for women scientists, GESIS together with Center of Excellence Women and Science provides an instrument for recruiting women experts for leadership positions in academia, scientific-political advisory boards and decision-making committees. GESIS gathered women researcher in all fields that are involved in university and non-university research institutions, industry and economy. No access to the list, but rather contacting GESIS directly. 

Margarete von Wragnell-Habilitationprogramm für Frauen 

#NaturalAndSocialScience #Baden-Wurttenberg #PostDocAndAbove

The Margarete von Wrangell habilitation program provides excellent female scientists in Baden-Württemberg with the financial support they need to put their habilitation projects into practice. The success of this funding program is obvious: More than 50% of the scientists who have been funded since 1997 have received the Venia Legendi. The researchers and their achievements in the most varied areas of science are presented on these pages.

Netzwerk Frauen- und Geschlechterforschung NRW

#NaturalAndSocialScience #Germany #Junior PositionsAndAbove #Women #GenderResearch 

Network for Women’s and Gender Research offers repository of women scientists and projects that are interested in understanding the difference in gender on scientific level. Filters are very limited for women scientists and non-existant for projects.

University of Graz- Datenbank habilitierter Frauen 

#Science #Austria #PostDocAndAbove #Women

Office of the Working Group for Equal Opportunities at University of Graz opened a register for Post Docotral women to promote diversity and help departments find a qualified female cadidate. Unfortunately, this website doesn’t provide access to the list but rather to contact the University of Graz.


500 Women Scientists 

#NaturalAndSocialScience #Worldwide #BachelorsToProfessors #Women #InteractiveMap 

Great search website based on sub-categories: countries (shown on interactive map), keywords, discipline (including social and natural sciences and more than 100); each female scientist has their own profile with personal details, academic level, contact information, expertise, and for what one should be contacted. Additionally, once filters are chosen, a list containing all the women scientists that satisfy the criteria, is created and can be downloaded containing all the information in a table sheet.





CAISE Platform 

#STEM #USA-focused #USA titles #HistoricallyMarginalisedIndividuals 

For academia to prosper, CAISE ensures to connect historically marginalised individuals (women, African Americans, Native Americans, Hispanic, Pacific Islander, LGBTQ+, disabled and veterans) in STEM through their interactive platform. Unfortunately, no permission to the whole list is granted, but one can choose using search filter. 

European Platform of Women Scientists 

#STEM #Europa #Women #PortraitsOfWomen

The European Platform of Women Scientists represents the need, concerns, ideas and aspirations of women scientists in Europa in form of a video portrait. 


#STEM #Germany #JuniorPositionsAndAbove #Women

Biggest recruitment portal for women scientists, GESIS together with Center of Excellence women and Science provides an instrument for recruiting women experts for leadership positions in academia, scientific-political advisory boards and decision-making committees.

National Hispanic Science Network

#STEM #USA #HispanicGroup #AlphabeticList 

NHSN lists Hispanic underrepresented scientist in STEM to improve health equity. Please be aware that this list consists of both men and women.


#STEM #Germany #Migrants 

To access the list, one needs to register. 


Gender Research

Arbeitskreis Historische Frauen- und Geschlechterforschung 

#GenderScience #Worldwide #Professors #Women #German

Expert's opinion allows you to contact professors and private lecturers for advice on women and gender research, particularly within their research focus and different research approaches. Unfortunately, there is not direct list but one would rather contact them through the form. 

Die Expertinnen 

#GenderScience #Austria #PostDocsAndAbove #Women

Perfectly tailored to your needs, this database of experts allows to search through using keywords. 

Gender Curricula

#GenderStudies #GermanyDominant #PhDandAbove

Women expert scientists in various different areas, from natural to social sciences organised by their research focus. 

Gender Kompetence Zentrum 

#GenderStudies #Germany #OrganisedBySubject

Application-oriented research institution of Humboldt university was running from 2003-2010 to support gender equality policies and research. Thus, one can find related link according to the respective subject. 

Gutachter*innen-Datenbank - Margherita von Brentano Zentrum 

#GenderStudies #Germany #MScAndAbove #FilterBySubjectAndTitel #OpenAccess

The database is a directory of people who have declared their willingness to review open access journals (and monographs) in Germany. The database is based on the list of reviewers from the Open Access journal "Open Gender Journal" and is continuously supplemented by data sets from cooperating journals and institutions.

Netzwerk Frauen und Geschlechterforschung 

#GenderStudies #Germany #OrganisedBySubject

Women scientists, who research the differences between genders, sorted in alphabetical order. Interestingly, this list contains women with different positions and titles. 


Discipline Specific

Biology, Biology-related discipline and Medicine

ALBA Network 

#Neuroscience #Worldwide #PhDandAbove 

Diversity network of Federation of European Neuroscience Society (FENS) wants to promote equality and diversity by countering bias, recognising outstanding contributions, provide networking and mentoring opportunities. To encounter speaker for conferences, once can search through their database. 

Anne's List 

#Neuroscience #Worldwide #PostDoc #Women 

Women neuroscientists grouped within subject areas, including motor, system, circuit, sensory, computational and neuro-biology (e.g developmental, cell and molecular). Each list consists of women researchers in alphabetical order hyperlinked to their personal websites, followed with their Institution in brackets and one sentence description of their research.

ASCB - International Forum for Cell Biology 

#CellBiology #English-speaking #Women

Dedicated to research in cell biology that broaden into molecular biology, genetics, biochemistry and light microscopy, ASCB advances scientific discoveries, advocating sound research policies improving education, promoting professional career and increasing diversity in the community. In their speaker referral list you can find a wide range of female cell scientists with keywords about their research. Besides speaker referral list, there is a wide range of opportunities you can explore such as fellowships, educational courses, events etc. 


#Microbiology #Worldwide #PostDocAndAbove #UnderrepresentedGroups #ExcelSheet 

Minorities in microbiology including gender, ethnic and LQBTQIA+ with focus on women scientists. 

National Hispanic Science Network

#STEM #USA #HispanicGroup #AlphabeticList 

NHSN lists Hispanic underrepresented scientist in STEM to improve health equity. Please be aware that this list consists of both men and women.

NEURONEXXT- Network for Women in Neuroscience 

#Neuroscience #Worldwide #JuniorPositionAndAbove #Women 

With aim to promote junior scientists, this network database for women in neuroscience focuses on female neuroscientists from postdoctoral level onwards. They hope to support transparency, visibility, collaborations and sharing. Unfortunately, this list is limited in numbers and allows you access to information only once you are signed in.

Royal Academic Society 

#Microscopy #Worldwide #PhDandAbove #Women #InteractiveMap 

To support equality in the field of microscopy, RMS developed an interactive world map with female experts in microscopy. Each profile on the map contain name and contact details, together with job title and affiliation. Each microscopy scientist elected their area of microscopy expertise Unfortunately, this interactive map does not provide a list of all scientists and job titles and not directly related to microscopy.


#Virology #Worldwide #Women #ExcelSheet 

Worldwide women virologists minimalistic excel list only containing their institute and contact information.

Women in Neuroscience

#Neuroscience #Europa #PhDandAbove #Women

 Despite great effort and plenty initiatives, Women in neuroscience, as an organisation, find women in neuroscience under-represented. For field to blossom, they gathered information of fellow female scientists and made interactive list with profiles to prosper collaborations and diversity at conferences and symposia.

Women in Microbiology 

#Microbiology #Wordwide #Professors #women

Focusing on professors and staff scientists, Microbiome Digest tackled the lack of women representation as keynote speakers at STEM conferences, specifically in microbiology. With a detailed description of research focus, each list consists of name of the scientists, institution, country and website. Science fields include microbial ecology, microbiome, pathogenesis, microbial genomics, bioinformatics, probiotics etc. List is regularly updated by signing up through an online form. 


Mathematics, Chemistry and Physics

American Physical Society 

#Physics #USA #AcademiaAndIndustry #UnderrepresentedGroups #NoSearchFilter

American Physical Society dedicated two different list with underrepresented minorities: women (1) and Hispanic, African and native Americans (2) with names, contact information and talk tiles of physicist who are willing to give talks on a variety of subjects. Database search is based on name, keyword and country. 

Astronomy and Astrophysics Outlist 

#Astrophysics #Worldwide #fromBachelorToProfessors #LGBTQIA+

LQBTQIA+ community for astronomists and astrophysics to promote safe, acceptive and supporting working environment and stop discrimination towards this minority. List consists of people who identify themselves as part of the group or are openly supporting them.

Diversify Chemistry 

#Chemistry #Worldwide #PostDocAndAbove #HistoricallyMarginalised 

Historically marginalised individuals who work as chemists around the world. Unfortunately, this list does not provide any detailed nor keywords regarding individuals research interest unless a seeking person enter their profile link.

European Women in Math 

#Mathematics #Europa #Women #Portraits

As intercultural as Europe is, mathematical field of science is, thus, highly diverse. European women in maths wanted to gather female scientists and portray their work across Europe. 

Professorinnen der Physik in und aus Deutschland 

#Physics #Germany(German-speaking) #Professors #Women 

Women Professors of Physics in and out of Germany listed together with their affiliation. 

Women Chemists

#Chemistry #Worldwide #Women #ExcelSheet 

Women working in academia, industry or federal agencies as women chemists, their affiliations and titles and contact.

Women in theoretical/computational chemistry, material science and biochemistry 

#Chemistry #Worldwide #Women 

Women in theoretical/computation chemistry, material science and biochemistry with details about their methodology and applications. However, no direct contact address but rather their website.


Technology and Digital


#Algorithmen #Germany #JuniorPositionsAndAbove #Women 

List of German-speaking female algorithm experts with focus on data scientists, artificial intelligence and machine learning in social studies grouped into six categories (R&D, Civil rights, Politics, Economy, Media and Self-employment). Each female data scientists is hyperlinked to their own page and institute where they are working for further contact. 

Auburn University 

#Engineering #USA #Women

Auburn University offers a request service to lend their women scientists in every engineering discipline to deliver a talk in the desired topic. Unfortunately, the list is not transparent, so you cannot directly contact the female scientist but rather through their website. 


#ComputationCognitiveScience #Worldwide #UnderrepresentedGroups 

Short Website woth a list of minority computational cognitive modelist/scientists including LGBTIQA+, gender, ethnic and neurodiverse people. Simple, straight forward list with profiles attached next to them.  

Engineering Biology Research Consortium 

#EngineeringBiology #Worldwide #Women 

Database that is advocating for diversity in academia, industry, government and non-profit research institution to advance diversity, especially in engineering biology. 

Girl Geek X 

#Technology #USA #Industry 

To boost confidence of women-of-colour in technical science, Angie Chang listed 21 women in tech companies who are known experts and are willing to give a talk. Each profile is linked to their LinkedIn profile. 

Git Hub Fempire 

#Technology #Worldwide #Women 

Github gathered a list of women in tech categorised by what they could be requested for, as organisers and as speakers, where they could be contacted and country of residence. Rather a list than a database. 

International Women in Engineering 

#Engineering #UK #Women 

Women in Engineering gather 50 current and former apprentices to increase awareness of the disproportion in gender ratio. 

Lesbian who Tech

#Technology #USA #Industry #LGBT+ women

Community that supports LGBTQ women, non-binary and trans individuals who are involved with technology to increase visibility and connect the community with people who support them. Further, the observer can access the list of their former speakers and allies. 

R ladies 

#Rprogramming #Worldwide #fromStudentsToProfessors #Women #InteractiveMap 

R ladies is a worldwide organisation that promotes gender diversity in R community. Underrepresented gender is lacking participation in every aspect. Hence, R ladies encourage, inspire and empower R programmers of minority gender to reach out. 

Women in Machine Learning 

#MachineLearning #Women

The public directory of women in machine learning (found under resources) consists of scientist's names, positions, affiliation and keywords. What is interesting about this directory is the variety in positions, from undergraduate to professors including faculty, research and postgraduate students, affiliation, both academia and industry, and keywords, from data science through physics and biology to market research. 

Women in Tech 

#Technology #Sweden #Women 

Organised by women, run by women and attended by women to promote diversity and bring awareness of the discrepancy in gender, particularly in Sweden. With a mixture of female scientists working in academia and industry, this list is rather represented as a conference panel. 

Women in Data Science (Stanford University) 

#DataScience #USA #Women 

Stanford University organises annual conferences with women experts in data science from both academia and industry to talk about their research, their accomplishments and career paths. Thus, their list of women scientists is rather shown as a conference panel for that year.