BIH Excellence Award for Sex and Gender Aspects in Health Research

The Berlin Institute of Health (BIH) is awarding the BIH Excellence Award for Sex and Gender Aspects Health Research for the second time in 2019. Since it's first iteration in 2017, the award has aimed to bring more visibility to sex and gender issues in translational research. It recognizes research excellence among scientists working in the field of biomedicine who integrate sex and/or gender aspects into their research.

A patient's biological sex and / or social gender is usually a neglected factor in biomedical research. Yet, in order to understand differences in the emergence and progression of diseases and to develop appropriate treatments, it is important to do so. BIH so promotes top-level researchers who mate their gender aspects into their basic and / or clinical research.

The award focuses on both the research impact of the applicant and their future research collaboration with a partner from the BIH, the Charité, or the Max Delbrück Center (MDC). In bringing the laureate’s expertise to Berlin, BIH aims to connect the award winner with their chosen collaborators in the BIH translational research commons, thus facilitating the development of a joint research project that serves the BIH mission and has a focus on sex and/or gender aspects in research.

This year, the winner will receive a total prize of €40,000 ,with €10,000 earmarked for research activities at the scientist’s home institution and €30,000 to accelerate the joint research project with the Berlin partner, used preferentially to supervise an early career scientist. For example, the prize money could be used for a scholarship for a medical doctorate.

The award ceremony will take place on September 24, 2019 as part of the 2019 symposium in Berlin.

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