Reconciling work and family life

The BIH offers various support services for employees and guests so that you can reconcile work and family life.

Working hours

To promote a good work-life balance, BIH offers flexible working conditions. At almost all levels, flexible working hours and part-time employment are possible at one's own request.


For emergencies in which employees have to bring their children with them to the office (e.g. a day off for the closing of a day-care center, strike, etc.), there is a parent-child room at the BIH office which employees and guests can use with their children. The room is equipped with toys, and nursing facilities. If you would like to use the room, please contact the Equal Opportunities Officer. 

For all BIH events on-site childcare is offered to guests and speakers, so that everyone can attend the events regardless of Family obligations.

We support BIH employees with places in day-care centres of the Fröbel group and holiday care offered by voiio. In addition, there is the possibility of reimbursing care costs when attending further training courses.

Further information

To take a look at the services offered by our partner institutes, head over to the family section of the Links page. These include family and nursing rooms, holiday camps, emergency childcare, funding for families, and much more.