Visibility of Women Scientists

Despite significant progress in recent decades, women in leadership and decision-making positions compared to their male colleagues are still under-represented, and rarely invited as speakers and cited in reputable journals. This also applies to biomedical research. But there are, the numerous scientists, from PhD students to professors. Here we show portraits of inspiring women scientists and invite you to events that address the lack of representation of women. An overview with databases of female scientists from different disciplines enables you to find suitable speakers or future colleagues.

Video Portraits

BIH introduces fifteen female scientists and their contribution to translational research, from basic research to clinal application, in short video portraits.

Databases of Women Scientists

We provide an overview of platforms on which women scientists can network nationally and internationally and, for example, organisers* can find inspiring female speakers.

Berlin Diversithon

The aim of our "Berlin Diversithon" was to edit wikipedia biographies of women scientists and other groups underrepresented in the life science and to write new entries so that these groups can also be seen on Wikipedia page.