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Our mission is biomedical translation, which is the conversion of scientific discoveries into products and services to benefit patients.

The BIH is guided by the principle of responsible research. Scientific results must be highly reproducible, transparently evaluated, carefully validated, and able to meet patient needs. We respect the patient’s perspective throughout their patient journey. To benefit patients, the BIH is dedicated to advancing the concepts of open access and open innovation, sharing state-of-the-art research infrastructure and innovative data spaces for collaboration.

To develop products, solutions and services, we invest significant effort into prototyping and refinement programs, and into support structures for entrepreneurship, spin-off formation, and public-private partnerships. We are thus building an agile translational ecosystem to foster individual skills and collaborations between researchers, clinicians, private-sector partners, patients, and other stakeholders.

Our research is therefore both patient- and community-oriented and our efforts facilitate the interdisciplinarity that is critical for an accelerated and efficient translation to patient care. In summary, we see translation as successful if it has an impact in these four areas: (1) Accelerated Translation to Patient Care, (2) Open Access and Use, (3) Open Innovation, (4) Entrepreneurship.

Science, Platforms and Programs

As a networking institute for excellent science, we provide infrastructures, resources, and concepts in partnership with regional, national, and international actors. Our researchers are globally recognized experts in developing computational methods, refined molecular diagnostics, and targeted advanced therapies. With the Strategic Research Program we pursue three interconnected and collaborative Research Objectives: (1) responsible translational methodologies, (2) computational and functional precision medicine, (3) advanced regenerative therapies. The Research Objectives are driven by the BIH’s Research Groups and rely on support from the BIH’s translational Platforms and Programs. Translational platforms comprise our Core Units that offer specialized expertise and innovative technologies, as well as data and sample platforms and platforms for stakeholder networking. Translational programs provide milestone-dependent project support, career development, and counseling for entrepreneurial efforts.

Our Translational Ecosystem

The BIH thus presents a unique combination of scientific objectives, platforms, and programs, acting in concert to advance translation and offering numerous contact points for internal and external collaborations. The BIH is integrated into the translational research landscape at all levels. We are part of Charité – Universitätsmedizin Berlin, one of Europe’s largest university medical centers with a strong research faculty. We appreciate a privileged partnership with the Max Delbrück Center for Molecular Medicine and have built additional alliances in academia and industry. Our interdisciplinary approach is based around the provision of infrastructural, financial, and conceptual support for translational researchers and their communities. Thanks to our unique constitution, mission and structure, the BIH is a pioneer in Germany’s scientific landscape, supported by federal funding yet integrated into a leading university medical center, thus contributing strongly to Germany’s national research strategy.

Our vision is to be Germany’s leading driver of a translational ecosystem for precision medicine and a key player in regional, national, and international networks, serving both patients and translational communities.

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