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In our aim to strengthen and improve quality within biomedical research, the Monitoring & Evaluation System COMPASS recognizes the importance of continuously evaluating and developing QUEST’s programmes.
COMPASS focuses on the overall performance of QUEST’s six main programmes, namely Education and Training, Implementation of the Electronic Laboratory Notebook, Open Data and Research Data Management, Patient and Stakeholder Engagement, Value of Open Science as well as Incentives and Indicators.
COMPASS will generate knowledge on how these programmes contribute to QUEST’s overall objectives and goals. One of the key evaluation questions COMPASS will answer is: What are the conditions under which QUEST programmes generate the most valuable outcomes for researchers at Charité and BIH?
Practically, COMPASS is designed as participatory process evaluation, based on rigorous methods, predefined evaluation questions, evaluation criteria and indicators. Its objective is to identify opportunities and challenges within QUEST’s programmes to inform the Center's strategic development.
COMPASS contributes to ensuring the alignment of QUEST programmes, measures and interventions with its strategic goals: to strengthen the quality of research at Charité and BIH.


Dr. rer. nat. Christiane Wetzel

Project Leader QUEST Program Evaluation

Contact information
Phone:+49 30 450 543 668