Private Excellence Initiative

The scientific work at Berlin Institute of Health is being supported by the late entrepreneur Johanna Quandt's private excellence initiative with up to 40 million Euro. The administration of the funding initiative of Mrs. Quandt is taken care by the Stiftung Charité.

The private excellence initiative’s goals are to provide best working und research conditions for clinicians and basic researchers as well as to win top-level scientists from around the world to work at BIH in Berlin.

Currently, the following funding instruments are being offered:

Individual funding

Einstein BIH Visiting Fellows

The program is aimed at sustainably integrating international top-level scientists in the Berlin research and science landscape and, in this manner, enhancing the international visibility of BIH. The Einstein BIH Visiting Fellow is expected to establish a working group at BIH in coordination with her or his host and be available to her or him and the junior scientists several times (at least 3-4 times) in the context of a work stay in Berlin. An Einstein BIH Visiting Fellow is supported with a total of up to 150,000 euro a year. The funding period is three years. An application for funding for a further two years may be submitted.

Applications can be submitted to the Einstein Foundation at any time.

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Funded Einstein BIH Visiting Fellows

BIH Visiting Professors

Attracting renowned scientists is of special importance to Berlin Institute of Health (BIH). BIH Visiting Professors are visiting scientists from abroad or from Germany recruited for activities at BIH.

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Funded BIH Visiting Professors

BIH Johanna Quandt Professors

Endowed tenure-track professorships to recruit scientists (promotion of women) from abroad or from Germany and in an area of translational medicine of their own choice.

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Recruiting Grants

Supporting measures of BIH and its partners to actively recruit established or leading scholars for the Life and Medical Sciences in Berlin (without public tender)

Humboldt Research Fellowship at BIH

Humboldt Research Fellowships at BIH aim at international scientists who wish to conduct a long-term research project at Berlin Institute of Health. A Humboldt Research Fellowship at BIH for experienced researchers provides 3,150 euro per month for the duration of the guest stay. Sponsored scientists carry out a research project of their own choice with an academic host at BIH.

Applications can be submitted to the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation at any time.

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Entrepreneurship- und Innovationsprogramm (Pilot)

Personal funding for clinicians with entrepreneurial ideas including the implementation of a Berlin Preincubator

More information about this new type of individual funding by Stiftung Charité will follow shortly.

BIH Clinical Fellows

The BIH Clinical Fellowship aims at offering senior physicians at Charité - Universitätsmedizin Berlin better opportunities to keep pace with the latest research in their respective discipline. The program supports thereby academic projects of qualified applicants. In order to accommodate the different requirements of senior physicians engaged in research, funds may be provided for equipment and consumables, for academic or supporting staff or for one’s own remuneration; in each case, up to 75,000 EUR can be provided. 

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BIH Charité Clinician Scientists

This program aims at training a new generation of translational skilled clinical staff. It offers selected assistant doctors time for research of up to 25 % of their working time over a peroid of up to three years. Additionally, the program includes educational opportunities.

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BIH Delbrück Fellows

Tthe aim of the BIH Delbrück Fellowships is to open up medium-term career prospects for internationally much sought-after junior scientists in basic research who are already doing research at MDC or Charité. BIH Delbrück Fellows are provided with longer-term funding of up to five years. The Fellowship comprises a position of one’s own as well as a subsidy for research expenses of 800 EUR a month. 

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Funding exceptionally achieving and dedicated students at BIH and Charité.

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Structural and investment funding

BIH Investment Fund

In the context of the BIH Investment Fund, construction projects or the procurement of large-scale equipment that cannot or cannot fully be paid with the means of the parties involved or third-party funding and that are of strategic importance to BIH are eligible for funding. Projects that are of use for more than one lab, institute or clinic are preferred. A total of up to 3 million EUR is at the disposal of the BIH Investment Fund, and it is to be spent in two funding rounds.

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BIH Paper of the Month

The BIH Paper of the Month is awarded by the BIH Board of Directors to honor a special publication achievement from the joint research space of Charité and MDC.

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BIH Public Health Initiative

With the Berlin School of Public Health, the World Health Summit and the Virchow-Villermé Centre for Public Health Berlin has initiated important impulses to strengthen the city’s position in the area of Public and Global Health. Through this initiative, a reorganization of courses of study with innovative teaching programmes at a high academic level as well as interdisciplinary scientific tasks will be supported.