Equal Opportunity at BIH

Realizing equal opportunity is a central part of our strategy. We are taking steps to:

  • increase the proportion of women at all career levels where they are underrepresented
  • dismantle structural and individual barriers that discriminate against people based on their gender, nationality, religion, age or their social, cultural, or ethnic background
  • create family-friendly working conditions
  • integrate gender aspects into research

Our goal is to establish a gender- and diversity-sensitive organizational culture. At BIH, this means that a variety of gender concepts and roles as well as modern ways of working and living are accepted. BIH strives to dismantle structural and interactional mechanisms that discriminate against people based on their gender, nationality, religion, age or their social, cultural, or ethnic background.


Increasing the proportion of women in areas where they are underrepresented

  • Our Guidelines for gender equality in BIH bodies, committees, key activity areas and funding lines include minimum quotas for competitive procedures as well as standards for the consideration of individual life circumstances when assessing scientific performance and for the makeup of review bodies.
  • In its Strategy 2026, BIH set itself the goal of filling at least 50 percent of new appointments to BIH’s junior research groups with female scientists, and aims to have women in at least 40 percent of BIH chairs and BIH professorships by 2026.

Female Careers@BIH

  • The advancement of early-career female scientists is supported by various workshop and professional development offerings (such as career planning, communication and presentation training, networking, and one-on-one coaching sessions). Workshops are announced in the calendar (see link on the right). Flyer
  • Early-career female scientists can apply for research support through the BIH Gender Equality Fund, for example, to cover travel expenses related to active conference participation, to finance student assistants or to receive allowances for open-access publications or further training.


Balancing scientific careers and family responsibilities

  • BIH strives to offer childcare services for all events.

Gender aspects in research

  • To support early-career scientists apply for third-party funding, we offer a training session on the integration of a gender perspective into research content.
  • BIH strives in its research to take greater account of gender and diversity dimensions.
  • BIH announced the BIH Excellence Award for Sex and Gender Aspects in Health Research for the first time in 2017