Scientific Committee

The Scientific Committee comprises of 21 members who are scientists at Charité and MDC appointed by the Executive Board. The remit of the Scientific Committee is the consultation to the Executive Board regarding all scientific activities of BIH.


Name Institution
Prof. Claudia Baldus Charité
Prof. Carmen Birchmeier MDC
Prof. Ulrich Dirnagl Charité
Prof. Duska Dragun Charité
Prof. Angelika Eggert Charité
Prof. Holger Gerhardt MDC
Prof. Frank Heppner Charité
Prof. Norbert Hübner MDC
Prof. Ulf Landmesser Charité
Prof. Dominik Müller MDC
Prof. Uwe Ohler MDC
Prof. Claus Scheidereit MDC
Prof. Clemens Schmitt (Chair) Charité & MDC
Prof. Dietmar Schmitz Charité
Prof. Jeanette Schulz-Menger Charité
Prof. Britta Siegmund Charité
Prof. Christian Spahn Charité
Prof. Joachim Spranger Charité
Prof. Erich Wanker MDC
Prof. Thomas Willnow MDC
Dr. Jana Wolf (Deputy Chair) MDC