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    CampusVital Lounge: Where does back pain come from?

    The event series organized by CampusVital provides news and interesting facts about health in a lounge atmosphere. In November with a lecture by Prof. Hendrik Schmidt (Charité/BIH Julius Wolff Institute) on the Berlin Back Study.

  • Seminar QUEST Center

    Using of Electronic Lab Books (Course in German)

    ELNs offer a number of advantages over traditional paper lab books. But what are these advantages and how can you as an individual or even a whole group use the ELN in a meaningful way? These and all other questions about the ELN will be answered in this course.

  • Symposium QUEST Center


    The symposiums is conceived and organised by an international team of early career researchers, supported by researchers from Oxford in Berlin, Berlin University Alliance, eLife and BIH QUEST Center, and hosted by The Einstein Foundation. The symposium is dedicated but not limited to Early Career Researchers who will define the future research…

  • Symposium

    RegMed Forum 2022: Will AI Transform Regenerative Medicine?

    Each year the BCRT and Berlin Partner jointly organize the RegMed Forum, an event series that provides the opportunity discuss science in the field of regenerative medicine. Receive an overview of the current use of AI, its challenges, and the transformational potential for regenerative medicine.

  • Event Symposium

    Single Cells in Focus: Berlin Symposia Series - 1st Edition

    Keynote: Christoph Kuppe (RWTH Aachen) "Novel Insights Into Human Heart and Kidney Fibrosis" Speakers: Kerim Secener (Max Delbrück Center), Benedikt Obermayer-Wasserscheid (BIH), Stefan Peidli (Charité), Sebastian Tiesmeyer (BIH), Rocío Chamorro González (Charité, MDC)

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