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  • Event BIH Academy

    (J)(D)(Ad)CSP Awarding Ceremony 2023

    On October 5, 2023, approximately 60 fellows received their certificates of successful program participation at the "Rahel Hirsch Center for Translational Medicine."

  • Calls Charité BIH Innovation

    SPARK-BIH funding opportunity for translational projects

    The SPARK-BIH program of the Berlin Institute of Health at Charité supports translational projects from Charité and BIH with funding as well as coaching and mentoring by an international network of experts. Why not let the SPARK-BIH program support you in enhancing the translatability of your innovative technology for the benefit of patients.

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Katharina Kalhoff: +49 1515 7579574

Ole Kamm: +49 1522 5610126

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