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    Peter N. Robinson bridges the gap between data science and applied precision medicine

    In January 2024, Prof. Peter N. Robinson will take up an Alexander von Humboldt Professorship for Artificial Intelligence at the Berlin Institute of Health at Charité (BIH). Robinson, a bioinformatician, is a pioneer in the computational genome and phenotype analysis of genetic diseases. His major work has been the development of the Human…

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    Leif Ludwig is named EMBO Young Investigator

    The European Molecular Biology Organization has selected Leif. S. Ludwig from the Berlin Institute of Health at Charité (BIH) and the Max Delbrück Center to become an EMBO Young Investigator. The program provides support to outstanding young life scientists.

  • Press release Charité BIH Innovation Digital Labs

    TimeTeller® GmbH, Kiso Health and UniWearables receive start-up prize

    Twice a year, the start-up competition Gründungswettbewerb – Digitale Innovationen by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Protection's (BMWK) honors the best ideas of innovative start-ups that are based on digital technologies. The award supports start-ups in the early stages and emphasizes their key role as drivers of innovation…

  • Press release Charité BIH Innovation

    PoroUS GmbH wins the Berlin Brandenburg Innovation Award 2023

    With its innovative ultrasound procedure, the spin-off PoroUS GmbH, in which Charité holds a stake via its technology service provider Ascenion GmbH, enables cost-effective, X-ray-free and precise early detection of osteoporosis. The Potsdam-based start-up, led by Dr Julia Eschenbrenner (CEO), Jonas Massmann (CTO) and Charité employee Prof Dr Kay…

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    A new hub for cutting-edge cancer care

    From 2024, the Federal Government and the State of Berlin will fund the establishment of the National Center for Tumor Diseases (NCT) Berlin. The new site is a cooperation between DKFZ and Charité, BIH, and Max Delbrück Center aimed at closely integrating clinical and translational cancer research.

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    How stem cells and immune cells communicate - Lisec Artz Award for Simon Haas

    Blood cancer is often driven by mutations in stem cells, which are key target cells in the search for innovative early-stage therapies. Dr. Simon Haas, head of a lab within the joint research focus of the Berlin Institute of Health at Charité (BIH), Charité – Universitätsmedizin Berlin, and the Max Delbrück Center, is seeking to understand…

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    First Genetic Causes of Raynaud’s Phenomenon Discovered

    Two to five percent of all people are affected by Raynaud's phenomenon: In cold or stressful conditions, the small blood vessels that supply the skin constrict and the fingers or toes turn white. First described by Maurice Raynaud in 1862, scientists from the Berlin Institute of Health at the Charité (BIH), together with colleagues from the United…

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    Coronavirus vaccination: body builds immune memory in organs

    One shot in the arm, and the whole body is protected. But how? For one thing, the immune system produces antibodies and cells that patrol the entire organism by traveling through the bloodstream. On the other hand, the body builds up a local immune memory in various organs. This is shown by a recent study of the Charité - Universitätsmedizin Berlin…

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    Liver fibrosis: giant cells step in to compensate for impaired immune function

    A team of researchers has uncovered a previously unknown compensatory mechanism found in liver disease. If Kupffer cells (KCs), a specific kind of immune cells found in the liver, become impaired by tissue scarring, immune cells originating in the bone marrow flow to the organ, where they form larger cell clusters to perform the same function.…

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