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Despite decades of worldwide efforts, the findings of experimental stroke research have hardly been translated into new therapeutic strategies that are promising for patients. Our group has been active in experimental and clinical stroke research since the 1990s and is one of the international leaders in this field. This gives us an outstanding opportunity to investigate the causes of this so-called „translational roadblock“ in the field and to test interventions to overcome it.

We use the methods and models of experimental stroke research, and investigate our own as well as international research practice (including other preclinical research fields such as cancer research) using quantitative and qualitative methods of meta-research. Our results may contribute to improving translational success beyond the stroke field, insofar as it is becoming increasingly apparent that preclinical biomedical research in general has issues with a lack of robustness and reproducibility of its results and their transferability into clinical improvement.

Please consult the QUEST project overview for details on current projects.