FEMALE CAREER@BIH (in German): Getting It Right: How to Talk to Journalists Effectively - media training for women scientists

This event is organized by the BIH Equal Opportunity Office as part of the Female Career@BIH program.

!!Please note, that you have to apply for this training explaining what is the translational aspect of your research and why you want to take part in the training!!

Content and objectives

 The workshop offers exclusive media training with a small number of participants. The explanations and exercises of the workshop are designed to train the required communication skills that scientists need when contacting the press and giving interviews. In addition, the participants will learn about the support women scientists can receive from the BIH to interest a lay audience (like journalists) in their research topics. The participants are instructed to formulate their own research into clear core messages and to present them with presence and impact. All participants will get the opportunity to practice being in an interview situation in front of a camera and then receive feedback from the trainer and the group through video Analysis.

About the trainer  

 Julia Binsack has been working in the communications industry for almost 20 years. She is a trained journalist and filmmaker, currently active as a communication coach, and public speaking and media trainer. Effective and authentic communication is the focus of her consulting approach.

She studied Philosophy, German and Journalism in Germany and Canada.