Press Release: Nobel laureate Thomas Südhof and genomics expert Alan Shuldiner join the Berlin Institute of Health’s Scientific Advisory Board

The Supervisory Board of the Berlin Institute of Health (BIH) has appointed two new members to the institute’s Scientific Advisory Board. As of February 2016, the members now include cell physiologist and Nobel laureate Thomas C. Südhof of Stanford University and endocrinologist Alan R. Shuldiner of Regeneron Genetics Center.

Thomas Südhof has been connected to BIH since 2014 as an Einstein BIH Visiting Fellow. He is working with Christian Rosenmund of Charité - Universitätsmedizin Berlin on a BIH research project into how nerve cells communicate with each other in patients afflicted by neurological disorders. Alan R. Shuldiner is a specialist in age-related diseases such as type 2 diabetes. He is Vice-President and Co-Head of Regeneron Genetics Center and works at University of Maryland as, among other things, Director of the Program for Personalized and Genomic Medicine.

“We are delighted to have gained two exceptional physicians and researchers for the Scientific Advisory Board,” says Erwin Böttinger, Chief Executive Officer of. “I expect Alan Shuldiner and Thomas Südhof to make very valuable contributions to the further development of the BIH, particularly in the field of personalized medicine.”

The Scientific Advisory Board advises the BIH’s Executive Board and Supervisory Board in the planning, implementation, development and evaluation of the research program. Members are appointed by the Supervisory Board for a period of four years.  


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