Junior Clinician Scientist Track


The Junior Clinician Scientist track is designed to help physicians who are interested in research gain easier access to a combined clinical-academic career at the start of their specialist medical training. Junior Clinician Scientist funding gives recipients the time to learn key scientific skills and should lay the foundations for their own research project.

Junior Clinician Scientist funding is organized as follows:

  • The Junior Clinician Scientist program allows physicians to dedicate 20 percent of their working hours to research for two years. The program finances the time spent on research. Clinical activities account for the remaining 80 percent and are financed by the hospital. The research time can be arranged flexibly (e.g. one day a week, or cumulatively).
  • Clinic directors or the participants’ immediate supervisors in the clinic act as mentors. When the funding starts, the program leaders also hold a discussion to agree on objectives with all participants, and set out in writing the schedule for their specialist training.
  • The Junior Clinician Scientist program does not include separate further training, but Junior Clinician Scientists can participate in most of the further training sessions open to Clinician Scientists.
  • Junior Clinician Scientist funding can – on the basis of a successful application – be followed by funding for the BIH Charité Clinician Scientist Program.


Defining objectives

Before the program begins, a discussion to agree on objectives is held with all new participants, their mentors, and the clinic directors. This discussion should help ensure that the program runs smoothly, and is an opportunity to clear up any unresolved issues before the program starts. During the discussion, the group also plans and sets out in writing the times for clinical work and research over the two-year course.


Clinician Scientists have a monthly meeting during which they present their research projects to the other program participants and the program leaders. These meetings are also open to Junior Clinician Scientists. At the beginning and end of the funding, all Junior Clinician Scientists give a short presentation on their project at one of the monthly meetings.

Seminars from the Hot Topics series are held around twice a year on various topics from the field of translational medicine. These sessions are open to the public.

The two-day Clinician Scientist Summer Symposium on Translational Medicine is held in Berlin every two years as part of the Clinician Scientist Program. Clinician Scientists and Junior Clinician Scientists can propose international speakers for the symposium who are experts in their research fields.

Reporting requirements

At the end of the first year and at the end of the funding period, the Junior Clinician Scientists produce a report on the current status of their research and specialist clinical training. They submit the report to the Clinician Scientist Coordination Office at the BIH Biomedical Academy.