Services and Infrastructure

The QUEST Center offers a variety of services to increase quality of research. Further services are planned.

Open Access

Free access to the results of scientific work is one of the key concerns of Open Science. In 2015, the Berlin Senate passed the so-called Open Access Strategy for Berlin, which, among other things, formulates the goal that by 2020 60% of all articles from scientists of all Berlin scientific institutions should be freely accessible.

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The ORCID iD (Open Researcher and Contributor iD) is an internationally recognized identifier for researchers. Since August 2017 the Charité - Universitätsmedizin Berlin supports the ORCID Germany Consortia, because it considers the univocal linking of a scientific work with its authors to be important. Reasons why you should get an ORCID iD are mentioned in our ORCID iD at Charité - FAQs.

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Electronic Lab Notebook (eLN)

We offer an eLN for interested BIH researchers from the Charité and perspectively the MDC. The eLN meets the criteria of Good Laboratory Practice (GLP), respective DIN EN ISO regulations as well as 21CFR11 of the FDA.

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Guidelines in biomedical research

Guidelines play a crucial role in the quality and transparency of research. The reporting of research results according to specific guidelines (reporting guidelines) is required by numerous journals. Depending on the study design and research question, different guidelines are used. Common reporting guidelines are provided on the website of Cochrane. The EQUATOR Network also provides guidelines for preclinical and qualitative research.