Clinical Research Unit

The Clinical Research Unit (CRU) is the interdisciplinary and cross-campus platform for clinical studies at BIH. It aims to continuously develop and network translational medical system research activities at MDC and Charité.

The CRU is integrated into the BIH platform "Clinical Translational Sciences", and is active at all Charité sites. At these sites, research and treatment take place under one roof: Participating researchers and clinicians have access to treatment stations, examination rooms and research labs, as well as to their own administration and documentation. This enables complementary expertise to be integrated into a common translational research area.

Our goal is to advance health-oriented translational sciences by supporting innovative and interdisciplinary projects. In doing so, we focus on developing cohorts and implementing hypothesis-driven projects.

An overview of our services can be found here.

This diagram outlines the process for accessing CRU services. As a first step, please contact a coordinator at your site.

We carry out clinical research projects in accordance with high quality standards based on national and international guidelines. We also provide a core facility for clinical researchers within the Charité and the MDC, creating a network of different fields of expertise and existing structures. Over the next few years, we plan to further expand and deepen this network. We are working to achieve a pioneering role in the national and international research landscape, including institutions not involved in BIH.

As CRU researchers, we are transparent and innovative. Our collaboration is built on mutual respect and continuous personnel development, and we emphasize the importance of input by all team members. We are guided by evidence-based medicine and international scientific standards. In decision-making processes, our patients’ wellbeing and the independence of our research are of paramount importance.

In order to meet our high quality standards, we have instituted a quality management system (QMS) that monitors all activities surrounding implementation of clinical research projects by CRU. This includes activities involving phenotyping of patients; those related to the service structures offered by CRU such as biosampling, laboratory management, and biostatistics; and internal administrative processes. Currently, the QMS covers the CRU at CBF, CCM, CVK and the cross-campus OCC.