State-of-the-art Core Facilities

Scientists at BIH can rely on a cutting-edge research infrastructure that is specially shaped to suit the requirements of translational and systems medicine research. Various core facilities are being established on the basis of available expertise at MDC and Charité and are complementing existing structures.

The Omics Core Facility of the BIH specializes in high-throughput technologies and the processing and analysis of clinical samples. A Genomicsunit fully equipped with state-of-the-art machines for next-generation sequencing is being established as well as separate Proteomics and Metabolomics units equipped with up-to-date machinery.

For work with large amounts of data and analysis of clinical data, expertise in bioinformatics at MDC and Charité and in other research facilities in the Berlin area is being further broadened through a Bioinformatics unit with research groups and associated service teams under one roof. The necessary IT infrastructure and high-performance computing capacities are under construction.

New cryogenic storage facilities for the standardized collection and long-term storage of patient specimens are being created and databank systems harmonized. This BIH Biobank guarantees access to a comprehensive repository of clinical samples of defined and controlled quality.

Induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs) as in-vitro models of human disease are essential for translational medicine. At BIH, the Stem Cell Core Facility is being established for generating and characterizing iPSCs. Newly recruited research groups will add new expertise in stem cell biology and engineering to BIH.