BIH Core Facility Genomics

The recent introduction of novel sequencing technology (NGS) has revolutionized genomic research. As BIH Core Facility Genomics, our labs at two locations (Campus Buch and Campus Rudolf-Virchow) will provide NGS support for BIH Groups. The services ranges from whole genome (re)sequencing, targeted genome sequencing, transcriptome sequencing to various epigenomic profilings. Apart from offering 'just' the services to the institute as a core facility, we have developed various NGS-based genomic assays.

Please find more information about the so called Scientific Genomics Platform - Laboratory of Functional Genomics, Nutrigenomics and Systems Biology here:

A recent paper in Nature shows what the PacBio sequencer can do. Tracing cell development with barcodes

Since April 2017 the bioinformatician Tomasz Zemojtel is working at the Berlin Insitute of Health, where he will establish the second core facility genomics. We talked with him about his work and future plans.


Facility Head Campus Buch

Dr. Sascha Sauer 

Facility Head Campus Rudolf-Virchow

Dr. Tomasz Zemojtel

Steering Committee


Dr. Sascha Sauer 
Prof. Norbert Hübner
: Research Group "Genetics and Genomics of Cardiovascular Diseases"
Prof. Nikolaus Rajewsky
: Scientific coordinator BIMSB, Research Group "Systems Biology of Gene Regulatory Elements"




Dr. Tomasz Zemojtel
Prof. Angelika Eggert
: Director of the Department of Pediatrics, Division of Oncology and Hematology
Prof. Michael Hummel
: Experimental hematopathology, Head of ZeBanC
Prof. Ulrich Keilholz
: Director of Charité Comprehensive Cancer Center; Professor for Hematology and Oncology
Prof. Heiko Krude: Co-Head of Berliner Centrum für Seltene Erkrankungen