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Lecture Series “Vascular Networking”

Pursuing its mission, the Berlin Center for Translational Vascular Biomedicine (VasBioBerlin) initiated the Lecture Series “Vascular Networking” in February 2021 to invite distinguished experts and promote international scientific exchange to both enrich the Berlin scientific community and provide the foundation for new and visionary collaborations.
The lecture series takes place on the last Wednesday of every month at 3 pm CET. It is conducted in an online-format and attracts a broad audience from the wider Berlin community. The event comprises a 45 min talk and a 15 min open discussion followed by a 1 hour closed exchange with 3-4 interested experts.

Previous speakers are:

  • Katrien De Bock (ETH Zürich, Schweiz)
    “Endothelial Metabolism and Cellular Crosstalk in the Muscle”
  • Saskia C.A. de Jager (University Medical Center Utrecht, Niederlande)
    “Inflammation in the Failing Heart: From Biomarker Towards Therapeutic Intervention?”
  • Ingrid Fleming (Goethe University Frankfurt, Deutschland)
    “Relevance of Protein Post-Translation Modification by Hydrogen Sulphide for Vascular Disease”
  • Paul Riley (University of Oxford, UK)
    “Targeting the Cardiac Lymphatics to Optimise Heart Repair”
  • Filippo Crea (Catholic University of the Sacred Heart in Rome, Italien)
    “Mechanisms of Acute Coronary Syndromes”
  • Manuel Mayr (King’s College London, UK)
    “Multi-Omics Approaches for Systems Biology in Human Cardiovascular Disease”
  • Mark Kahn (University of Pennsylvania)
    “Signaling Mechanisms in Cardiovascular Disease”
  • Anjali Kusumbe (University of Oxford) 
    “Vascular Control of Tissue Ageing and Regeneration”
  • Claudia Langenberg (Berlin Institute of Health in der Charité - BIH) 
    “What Can Blood-based Omics Deliver for Clinical Translation?”
  • Karina Yaniv (Weizmann Institute of Science)
    "Vascular Heterogeneity in Organ Growth and Regeneration"
  • Sara S. Nunes de Vasconcelos (Toronto General Hospital Research Institute - TGHRI, University of Toronto)
    "Multicellular Vascular Systems as Fundamental Tools in Discovery and Regeneration"
  • Hellmut Augustin (Center for Biomedicine and Medical Technology Mannheim (CBTM), Medical Faculty Mannheim, Heidelberg University):
    "Vascular Mulitomics To Decipher Endothelial Functional Angiodiversity"
  • Kristy Red-Horse (Stanford University)
    "Development, Regeneration, and Repair of Coronary Blood Vessels in the Heart"
  • Klaus Ley (La Jolla Institute for Allergy and Immunology, United States)
    ​​​​​​​"Elongated Neutrophil-derived Structures (Ends) In the Blood Circulation"

The next Networking Event will be held on April 12, 2023:

Lena Claesson-Welsh (Professor in Medical Biochemistry at Uppsala University)
"Vascular Impact on Tissue Function"

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