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Identifying promising potential products at an early stage – that is our main task as Business Development unit at BCRT. Furthermore, we mediate between scientists at BCRT and regional and international representatives of industry and business as well as other potential commercialization partners. Our tasks include:

  • Patent analysis and market research
  • Project funding and controlling
  • Identifying and acquiring suitable commercialization partners
  • Conducting regular evaluations of the development value of new projects (opportunity check)
  • Carrying out regular risk assessments on key and main projects (risk score)
  • Providing advice on the commercialization of product ideas
  • Fostering partnerships with industry and financial institutions
  • Establishing international networks (including California Institute of Regenerative Medicine [CIRM], EU Regions of Knowledge TERM Project, Regenerative Medicine Coalition [RMC])
  • Educating young scientists within the BSRT Graduate School
  • Reporting regularly to the board of directors, e.g., strategic orientation of the BCRT and the allocation of resources 

Clinical Development & Regulatory Affairs

Our main task is to bring basic scientists and clinicians together in order to transform the research findings into practical applications. We support the BCRT researchers in navigating the EU- and FDA-regulatory pathways to speed up their product development process while ensuring compliance.

To enhance our mission, we have enforced long-term relationships with competent authorities and are officially acknowledged as an "Interested Party" by the Committee for Advanced Therapies (CAT) at the European Medicines Agency (EMA).